In Memory

Marsha Vasicek (Deitsch)

This story is from Marsha's son and the Joe he is referring to is His Dad, Marsha's husband.               



"Marsha contracted COVID-19 and started exhibiting symptoms around December 5th. She recalled being next to a woman in a store who appeared unwell, but it is unknown where exactly she contracted it.

She went to St. Mary's hospital on December 22nd after having some minor breathing problems and was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia.

On December 26th, I took Joe to the same hospital after he started becoming confused and disoriented. He had been struggling with bouts of pulmonary edema related to his end-stage congestive heart failure which presented with varying degrees of severity. He was also diagnosed with COVID pneumonia.

That evening, Marsha became disoriented and had to be sedated in order to keep her oxygen mask on. The oxygen was critical to her survival. Joe slipped into a coma, likely due to high CO2 levels that same evening.

The next morning, Joe was able to join Marsha in her room, although neither was conscious. On the evening of December 27th, he passed away peacefully beside his wife.

Marsha continued to fight the extensive pneumonia. Ultimately it proved to be too much for her, and her vital signs fell to levels that could not sustain life. She had requested not to be put on a ventilator, so we removed the Bipap that had been supplying her with oxygen for almost 2 weeks.

On January 8th, she too passed away peacefully within 5 minutes of being removed from supplemental oxygen. I was able to hold her until she left this world to rejoin her husband in the next."

A public visitation will be held for both Joseph and Marsha Deitsch Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 4pm-6pm at Cornwell Funeral Home in Danville, AR. All family and friends are invited to pay their respects. We understand that some people are hesitant to travel during the pandemic, and know you are with us in prayer and spirit.


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