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12/13/09 04:39 PM #1    

Andy Wendel

Welcome to the El Campo High School Class Of 1966 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/01/10 09:19 PM #2    


Rose Ann Clarke (Douglass)

I noticed that the committee scheduled the "meeting of the minds" for Valentine Weekend and not Super Bowl weekend, so I'm assuming this is a guy committee! Please get in touch with your femenine side! I would love to come but my cousins from Ohio are visiting, I mean, I will be in Paris in a quaint little bistro overlooking the Sein sipping a Chateau Rothchild '67 from Stuben glassware. I would, however, like to respond to Dorothy Waldman's concerns since the people who truly have all of the answers to the world's problems are too busy cutting hair to do anything about them.
1. Dorothy must have started her sight seeing tour in an opium den because global warming is a myth
2. Roaches will never be extinct as long as Hostess makes twinkies
3. Nobody over 30 should wear flowered, paisley, striped, or any other kind of bell bottoms because bottoms tend to bottom out at 31
3. Everything I know I learned from my high school debate partner, oh wait, that was Dorothy!

You guys have a great time! Be thinking of you.

02/06/10 04:56 AM #3    

Ted Hajovsky

Thanks for your updates. I hope you have a great birthday today. You are now eligible for Social Security!

02/14/10 09:22 PM #4    


David Jones

It was a great time at greek brothers even without roseann who seems to be way too interested in roaches. Wendel should convene a new dinner meeting and hopefully hajovsky wiil show as well

03/01/10 08:36 PM #5    

Andy Wendel

I didn't realize people were using the forum.

Hi! Rose Ann,

About that Valentines week-end thing. I didn't even snap to the fact of Super Bowl week-end......would have been disastrous. Must have been some male intuition that caused the correct decision to be make. Which brings to mind the committee noticed a problem with the second Saturday of each month for the 'MOM' (Meeting of the Minds) so after the March meeting it will be changed to the last Saturday of the month. It will be announced later.

How was Paris? I am sure you meant Steuben glassware. And I'm sure it was one of those hard t find pre 1933 pieces.

I am also sure that there are more problems that need to be handled. I mean how about that sock drawer of mine, now there, is a problem.

03/09/10 08:32 PM #6    

Bill Leslie

What a GROOVY email on lost words! but I am not old enough to remember riding on running boards. Great comments by Rose Ann. As Bill O'Reilly would say pithy (He's David Jones favorite person in the world)

03/10/10 09:32 PM #7    

Andy Wendel

You never got to ride on Tom Rioux's 1930 model A running board? And I am sure Bill O'Rielly is David's favorite.

I am going to be in Arlington at the end of the March. Will try to set something up for you northerners. Barbara Ann, Ken Flournoy, Jim Holt, Harvey Frels to mention a few.


03/18/10 12:56 PM #8    

Rebecca Retkofsky (Sample)

What happened to the minutes (photos) to the meeting for this month?

03/21/10 02:17 PM #9    

Andy Wendel

I don't think anyone took any pictures. I was not able to make it. I am in touch with the committee as we speak and everyone is pointing fingers at the others. Like a bunch of Democrates. They said they would do better next time. Ya, right.

03/22/10 06:39 PM #10    

Dickey Ellis

There you go again wendela.....
Stirring the political pot. You know that the more you stir it, the more it stinks. Besides, it's that damn committee's fault.

03/22/10 09:19 PM #11    

Andy Wendel

I beg to differ. The committee is a very fine, upstanding and intelligent bunch and .........Oh! Who the hell am I kidding, it's made up of idiots. Still better than those, there I go again.... stirring.

03/24/10 07:07 AM #12    

Dickey Ellis

It is an impressive committee though. How do you get all those members to come to agreement on these difficult issues? I'll bet there is some back-room deals and a lot of arm-twisting taking place.

03/24/10 10:04 PM #13    

Andy Wendel

Now no one said they ever come to an agreement. But what goes on in the back room is pretty interesting.

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