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04/19/10 02:43 PM #14    

Susan Hancock (Richards)

Dear All.  I was all alone at the Meeting of the Minds on 4/17/10.  My mind was so lonely.  I brought the class checkbook to treat everyone to dinner and drinks but, oh well.....

See you in May?  Susan



04/25/10 09:34 PM #15    

Dickey Ellis

I was afraid of that...  we've lost our minds !

05/06/10 03:40 PM #16    

Andy Wendel

I was there.  Actually there was three of us three separate times.  I think Frank made it at some time.  I did not get there until 6:00.  I was at College Station observing as my youngest son received his big ole Aggie Ring.  Woop!

05/09/10 09:23 AM #17    

Susan Hancock (Richards)

Well, there I was again, sitting solo at the May MOM.  The bartender looked on, as if witnessing the demise of an old bar fly.  Of course, it was Mother's Day weekend.  What was the committee thinking?  Yes, I will plan to be there again in June, but not until someone actually calls me from Greeks to tell me they are there.  I couldn't stand to see the pity in the bartender's eyes again. I believe he thinks I'm delusional.  "Sure, your classmates are coming". 

Sorrowful Susan

05/11/10 12:54 AM #18    

Andy Wendel


You can blame it on the committee, but the MOM was changed several months back to the third Saturday of the month.  You were there in April on the 17th......I know, by yourself.  But don't give up, the third Saturday of May (the 15th) is just around the corner.  You only missed it by a week.

05/11/10 07:07 AM #19    

Susan Hancock (Richards)

Oh.  My bad.  Now I really AM embarrassed to see the bartender again.  John says that there is little mind left in our house.  Hope you see you Sat!  Susan

05/19/10 07:41 PM #20    

Dickey Ellis

Susan..... you've got to stop hangin' out in bars. Clean up your act. It's hard to get rid of that "bar fly" reputation, especially at our age.

Andy....... you're becoming quite a comedian. By the way (btw), I got your email. Are you implying that since I only crashed twice in Texas that I'm due for a few up here?

Sorry I missed the MOM but, I'll catch up in the winter.  Take care. Dickey

10/10/10 06:11 PM #21    

Dickey Ellis

I wish everyone would stop responding at the same time. It's jamming the message forum. No messages have been able to post since last MAY.  Perhaps you have forgotten to communicate. You know, the old "failure to communicate here" or if you have died... please let the rest of us know!




11/16/10 03:24 PM #22    

Andy Wendel

OK! Tricky Dick,

See you Saturday 11/20/10 around 1700 hrs.  Sharon, receintly returned from the dead,  said she would be there.  Hopefully our resident bar-fly will make it. Then there's the two love-birds.  Maybe the gun-smith and his spousel unit.  Possibly Becky and Mandy could make the long trip from Edna.  The cop could maybe make it, (I don't know how Randy puts up with him).  Then there is those two in Palacios.  No many to name.

See you Saturday.


12/31/10 07:28 PM #23    

Dickey Ellis

OK, you over-the-hill rickety old geezers and geezettes. We've cheated them out of another one. Say goodbye to 2010 because you can't do it again.

Happy New Year to the class of '66.



01/03/11 06:50 PM #24    

Nancy "Nan" Haynes

Along with Bill, I want to extend a Happy New Year to all of you, too.  Did ya ever think we would last this long?!?!  Looking forward to hearing what plans are being made for the 45th Reunion and possible dates.  I know everything is air-conditioned out there but does it have to be in the middle of Summer?  Best wishes...Nan Haynes

01/05/11 05:58 PM #25    

Linda Dettling (Rees)

I had no idea that Patsy Moore had been so very ill.

Thank you Andy, thanks to your message I was able to attend her service today.

Susie Macha and I were among the many friends and family that would celebrate her life.

She has a beautiful family, and so very many friends that will miss her greatly.

Susie and recalled our day's at St. Phillip's, and Patsy, so smart so beautiful and so very kind.

She will be missed so very much!

Love, Linda Rose


01/25/11 11:23 PM #26    


Rose Ann Clarke (Douglass)

Andy, probably won't make it to the MOM on the 15th but in regard to the 45th, I have a request. Could we please have it somewhere you can actually dim the lights?? Oh, and a disco ball would be nice, too!!

09/13/11 07:10 PM #27    


David Jones

i am coming to 45. Is that how old we are?  I feel older.

09/13/11 07:11 PM #28    


David Jones

and please stop bad mouthing the Democrats or dont you remember FDR?

11/24/11 03:42 PM #29    

Linda Dettling (Rees)

Check our Reunion Pics out on my site.


Linda Dettling Rees

10/22/13 08:24 AM #30    

Linda Eiesland (Herrmann)

Hey All!! Hope everyone is good and ready for all the wonderful celebrations coming up!!

Ok, so my question is this, does anyone know or have a bay house to rent for say the 2nd or 3rd weekend in November?  I'd like to take my mom/dad/mia down that way and also a few of us gal pals want to go fishing on one of those guided fishing boats, which is being looked into by another friend. Any help or leads would be much appreciated!!




10/22/13 08:25 AM #31    

Linda Eiesland (Herrmann)

Oh yeah, forgot to say where, Port Alto, Rockport, Matagorda Bay area...

10/22/13 08:55 AM #32    

Andy Wendel

Hey, Linda,

There are a ton of places here in Matagorda. On Beach Road (River Road) right on the old river and there are also tons of guides. I can't recommend a place to stay but will be glade to check some out for you. I can recommend a fishing guide. Call me 713.824.0765. I live and work here.


10/22/13 09:48 AM #33    

Linda Eiesland (Herrmann) Andy, the place my friend is looking at for the fishing trip, here is the link, supposedly some of our co-workers at Schlumber have used this outfit several times...

If you could check on some bay home that would be great! I remember so many good times we had back in the day when we all would go and stay at Jimmy's mothers place in Port times. I can always check, but not sure what areas are good or not...I'll try and call you later, early evening... L

10/23/13 09:28 AM #34    

Andy Wendel

This is someone I would recommend. Tommy could probably recommend a place to rent also. I trust Tommy and he is a great guide. Very likable and friendly (a character).  If you are interested in a place to rent let me know and I will check it out. I will get pictures etc.I am sure there are all different sizes and price ranges. This time of year they will be more available.


03/11/16 09:07 PM #35    

Brenda Polensky (Thornton)

Hi to all my Old Classmates. I really enjoyed the 50th reunion weekend. I didn't, however, take enough pictures. Does anyone have some to post so I can copy? Also would LOVE to see how the group pic turned out. Thanks, Brenda Polensky Thornton

03/12/16 01:30 AM #36    

Andy Wendel


We are working on that. A bunch of pictures was taken, we need to weed through them. I'll get a message out when it's done.


03/13/16 07:12 PM #37    

Brenda Polensky (Thornton)

Thanks Andy, looking forward to that. Brenda

03/14/16 12:18 PM #38    

Patsy Motal (Mettler)

Andy, seems we lost another classmate.  I heard the obituary for Chester Rasmussen on the radio today.  He is at Wharton Funeral Home.

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